Personalized Loading Equipment for Transparent Logistics


Cabka-IPS presents RFID technology on the CeMAT in Hanover.

Cabka-IPS is one of the trendsetters for RFID solutions for plastic pallets. Together with Fraunhofer Institute, the company presents a practice-focused view of RFID technology during the CeMAT (May 31 – June 3, 2016) and shows how it can be utilized to improve logistics processes.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can read data stored on microchips remotely via radio signal. This offers a wide range of options for monitoring, targeted controlling, and thus a more efficient configuration of production and logistical processes. Loading inspections, goods movements, and tracking are clearly displayed and available in real time. Each piece of loading equipment is automatically assigned specific characteristics (equipment, machinery, material batch, etc.). That way it is always clear where the loading equipment was produced and what materials were used in the process. RFID reading stations can track the pallets inside the supply chain and thanks to the bulk reading it is possible to record several hundred RFID transponders at the same time and to capture the movements via reading stations.

Cabka-IPS embeds the RFID transponders in the plastic of the pallets, where they are protected against dirt and damage. No visual contact to the RFID transponder is required to read the data. In addition, they can be rewritten and in contrast to a barcode, they can remain on the object and utilized repeatedly.

Cabka-IPS is one of the leading providers of loading equipment auto-ID solutions in Europe. During the special CeMAT exhibition "Innovative Logistics Solutions", which re-creates an entire logistics chain at a booth, tradeshow visitors can experience the RFID technology up close and personal as it is utilized in the field. Together with its development partner Fraunhofer Institute, which claims responsibility for the development of the chip software, Cabka-IPS provides detailed insights into RFID functionality.

Cabka-IPS on the CeMAT: Hall 27, Special Exhibit "Innovative Logistics Solutions".

Personalized Loading Equipment for Transparent Logistics