CABKA Grid: Professional Ground Reinforcement Made Easy

25.04.2016 | New ground reinforcement system with no sealing made from recycled plastic


With the CABKA Grid, CABKA brings a new innovative product on the market, which has been developed for professional gardening and landscaping. But even for the most demanding home user, the ground reinforcement system made from recycled plastic is a good choice.

The CABKA Grid is very versatile. Grassed areas, driveways and parking lots are reinforced with no sealing and can be accessed relia-bly. Lawns remain firm and green, paddocks and riding facilities free of puddles and mud.

With 15 years of experience developing and manufacturing ground reinforcement systems, the company focused on three factors, in par-ticular, with the CABKA Grid:

1 A large contact surface offers an optimal surface-load and pre-vents unwanted subsidence. Forty-two percent of the entire surface has direct contact with the ground.

2 An even and stable grid structure that reliably protects from un-wanted heat expansion even with excessive sun exposure. Overall, the CABKA Grid withstand effortlessly extreme temperatures of -50°C to 90°C.

3 A sturdy connection system that can be easily connected by pushing down by foot, thus enabling a fast setup. To make the instal-lation even easier, the CABKA Grid can be supplied preassembled (12 elements).

Good for the nature and the urban climate
The CABKA Grid is made from 100 percent recycled plastic to con-serve resources. Through its seal-free construction, it also protects the soil and groundwater. The soil can continue to carry out its im-portant tasks, such as water storage, groundwater recharge and evaporation without any interferences. The purchase of a costly drainage system is not necessary. Green Parking is also effectively supported: thanks to the CABKA Grid unsealed surface it heats up less than a paved surface, thus contributing to a lower ambient tem-perature, and in urban areas to a better urban climate.

The TÜV certified CABKA Grid is available in three load classes for different applications: from walkways and bicycle paths, parking lots and event venues up to fire department access roads and parking spaces for trucks. From the design to the practical use it stands for high and professional quality.

CABKA Grid: Professional Ground Reinforcement Made Easy