For safely transporting electronic products


Cabka-IPS introduces a new variant of its popular Hygienic E7.3 pallet, tried and tested in the food industry, now made from ESD materials. The ESD (ESD = electrostatic discharge) material used reliably protects the pallet from electrostatic charge by discharging it, enabling safe transportation and storage of sensitive electronic components. By preventing sparking, the pallet's electrostatic discharge capability also provides a high level of protection in potentially explosive environments. To fully meet the client's needs, Cabka-IPS offers the pallet in three categories which distinguish themselves by their surface resistance: Anti-static, ESD and conductive.

In addition, the Hygienic E7.3 fulfills the highest cleanliness standards. Its fully sealed, smooth surface gives dirt and dust no chance to settle. The pallets have a special design for quick and easy cleaning. At a net weight of 18 kilograms, the Hygienic E7.3 can sustain pressure loads in stacks of up to 5,000 kilograms, or dynamic loads of up to 2,500 kilograms. The pallet's maximum load capacity in high-rack storage is 1,250 kilograms.

Hygienic E7.3 now also available as an ESD pallet in conductive plastic