Fixcover: Effective Protection against Roadway Damage

The Civil Engineering and Pipeline Construction Research Institute in Weimar had developed an idea to prevent roadway damage and save repair costs. We supported the Institute and together we created Fixcover, a system that stabilizes underground shaft heads.

The Solution: Fixcover

In the beginning, the Research Institute in Weimar had an idea for an intelligent system that would reduce roadway damage and save repair costs. They came to us because they were looking for an experienced development partner – and so we started working together. Fixcover consists of 20 individual elements that, at an 18° angle from one another, encircle the shaft and lock together by force or by shape.

This system distributes weight over a wider area. As with a cushioned foundation, the subsoil’s load capacity increases while settling is minimized. Fixcover is made of 100% recycled plastic. This spares the environment and saves a lot of money by preventing roadway damage before it happens.