CABKA Acquires Systec Mixed Plastics


>    Expansion of the Group’s recycling capacity by 15% and strengthening of the Eco-Products Business
>    Expansion of production sites
>    The location will continue to be a Duales System Holding partner in the future

The CABKA company group continues to grow. CABKA has taken over Systec Mixed Plastics GmbH (SMP), located in Genthin, Germany, since the beginning of January 2016. The company now operates under the new name CABKA GmbH Genthin. This was reported by the companies CEOs, Gat Ramon (CABKA) and Michael Wiener (Duales System Holding).

CABKA, known for innovative plastic palettes and boxes, expands its supply of raw materials and continuously develops its approach to circular flow economy with the acquisition of SMP. CABKA will start to transform step-by-step SMP’s feedstock recycling into mechanical recycling. This will strengthen the company’s plastic recycling business as well as its Eco-Products brand, which features sustainable products made of 100% recycled plastics. Eco-Products are used in numerous areas such as the construction industry, road and traffic safety as well as for garden design and landscaping.

SMP manufactures agglomerates made of mixed plastics from commercial and municipal collection. As part of Duales System Holding, SMP acquired the Genthin location in 2012, which it successfully restructured in the years to follow. The Genthin location employees 34 people.

In the future, Duales System Holding will concentrate primarily on the processing of homogeneous plastic fractions. “The recycling of mixed plastics is no longer one of our core strategic activities,” says Michael Wiener, CEO of Duales System Holding. “Which makes the timing of the acquisition perfect. CABKA will give the company new inspiration.” CABKA GmbH Genthin will remain an important partner of Duales System Holding for mixed plastics recycling. Securing SMP’s existing jobs and stock is important to both companies.

With the takeover, CABKA expands its raw material capacity by nearly 50,000 tons and secures a stable pricing policy for its customers. Managing partner of CABKA Group, Gat Ramon, chimes in, “this will intensify our company’s sustainable and innovative approach to its recycling concept. Products at the end of their life span are repurposed and additional life cycles are created.”

All employees of the new CABKA GmbH Genthin will be incorporated into the CABKA Group, bringing its total staff to approximately 570 people.

CABKA Acquires Systec Mixed Plastics



With the takeover, CABKA expands its raw material capacity by nearly 50,000 tons.

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