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Cabka specializes in pallets and large containers made from recycled plastic, but our mission is much larger than that. We believe that transformation matters, and we want our sustainable products to enable a better future.

Our Values

At Cabka, our goal isn’t to just move things. We want to transform them for the better. We enable breakthrough innovation at the supply chain’s most vital points and beyond with clever, sustainable solutions for load carriers.

That transformation is at the heart of our work because we see opportunity in waste: We combine smart design with creative engineering, always finding ways to get the most out of our products before repurposing them at the end of their lifespans.

We understand that resources are finite, but possibilities are endless with bold thinking. That means we never back down from a challenge, because every challenge is just an opportunity for positive change for the industry, for the environment, and for the people living in it.

We know that progress is only progress when it’s for everyone. So let’s create a future that makes us all proud.

A Long History of Pioneering

Recycling has been part of Cabka’s DNA for more than 25 years, but that was just the beginning for us. Today, we don’t just transform plastic, we transform our customers’ supply-chain processes, optimizing them for efficiency, safety, sustainability, and ease of use. We are proud to be the home of a corporate family with more than 150 years of experience in innovation and smart design.


Founder Gat Ramon establishes the company today known as Cabka in Weira, Thuringia, Germany. With the development of new technology for processing plastic, we establish ourselves as a pioneer in the recycling of post-consumer and post-industrial mixed-plastic waste.


Cabka designs and produces the first lightweight, nestable plastic pallets made from recycled materials, which we begin selling on the international market.


In response to the high demand for Cabka products, we break ground in the United States, opening our first full – service recycling and production plant near St. Louis, Missouri


Cabka continues our expansion by opening a sales office and production facilities in Valencia, Spain.


We merge with Innova Packaging systems to become the Cabka Group, offering the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of pallets and large containers made from recycled plastic.


The Cabka Group acquires Belgian plastic pallet company Eryplast.


Cabka opens a state of the art Innovation Center in Valencia, Spain, to drive technological developments in New Material Formulations, Innovative Processing Technologies, and Recycle Based Product Design.


Cabka becomes a listed company. This provides increased visibility and financial flexibility to enhance growth. Through the business combination with Dutch Star Companies TWO, Cabka has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since March 1, 2022.


Our values

A commitment to sustainability

At Cabka, the need for sustainability has driven our innovation and growth, and it has solved numerous logistic and environmental challenges for our growing roster of clients. There was a time when sustainability and corporate growth conflicted with each other, but the world has changed. Companies have to work sustainably, not just because it's the right thing to do, but also because customers expect it. Sustainability has been integral to Cabka for more than 25 years, going back to when we pioneered a way to process recycled plastics. It continues today on multiple levels. We make many of our pallets and large containers from recycled materials, and their low weight, nestability, or foldability enhances the sustainability of the systems using them. They also save resources and reduce waste because they're durable and seldom need to be repaired or replaced. We make sustainability work for business, society, and the planet.

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Never settling for “good enough”

At Cabka, innovation goes beyond simply creating new products. We seek to transform entire systems and overcome thinking that stops at “good enough.” Innovation has been an integral part of our work since we pioneered technology for processing recycled plastic more than 25 years ago. We saw that we could transform waste into high-quality products and we realized we could do far better than “good enough” for pallets and, later, large containers.

These days we offer a huge portfolio of durable, reliable, and sustainable plastic pallets and large containers, all fully recyclable and many made from recycled plastic themselves. At the Cabka Innovation Center in Valencia, Spain, our product development, material development, and processing and automation teams work together to craft new and inventive ways to work.



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Our global reach

A worldwide presence means shorter delivery times, shorter delivery routes, and lower customer costs. At six production sites in Europe and the United States, we have more than 700 engineers, logisticians, materials technicians, product developers, tool makers, production specialists, and more. These sites in Germany, the U.S., Belgium, and Spain ensure that our products are available in more than 80 countries as quickly as our customers need, in the amounts they need them.

Whether businesses require pallets off the shelf, from our many specialized lines, or custom built solutions, we can make it happen. No matter where you need pallets to go, no matter what industry you’re in, Cabka will deliver. Our worldwide presence means we are able to keep our standards high, and keep our deliveries on schedule.


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