Plastic pallets and containers in the automotive industry



For decades, metal stillage cages have been the go-to method of moving the many thousands of parts needed to build automobiles. It’s time to move into a better alternative.

One car, many pieces

The average passenger car has 30,000 parts. Better be careful transporting them.

Building automobiles is an enormously complex process. With the industry undergoing transformative change from internal-combustion engines to electric ones as well as autonomous driving, things aren’t getting less complex.

Manufacturers already rely on more than a dozen suppliers to produce cars, from critical engine parts (tier one) to computer chips (tier two) to raw materials like metal and plastic (tier three). Each tier has unique needs, such as electrostatic-discharge containers to protect tier two’s computer chips from damage during shipping.

Leaving the cage

This complex logistics loop requires careful planning, coordination, stock monitoring, and returnable packaging solutions compatible with production-facility systems. Luckily, those are Cabka’s specialty.

We tailor our products not only to the needs of the global auto industry, but also companies’ individual needs. We offer a wide range of transport solutions that are reusable, repairable, and recyclable. They are smartly designed to optimize logistics operations, speed up supply chains, reduce operational costs, and minimize transportation costs.

Our CabCube series is one example. We were inspired by metal stillage cages, the industry norm, to come up with a better product. The CabCube 3.0 weighs half as much as stillage cages, takes up 40% less space for empty returns, and saves 75% of floor space when collapsed. A sturdy lid and durable plastic construction keep contents safe. It’s easily cleaned, easily repaired, and easily monitored during shipping with track-and-trace technology. On top of that, it’s made with recycled materials that can be recycled again.

Stillage cages served the industry well for a long time. But just as cars have gotten more complex and economical over the decades, so have the transport options serving the automotive industry. The CabCube is a 21st century partner for a 21st century industry.

We are Cabka

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