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Our hygienic pallets excel in both mechanical performance and compliance with rigorous hygiene regulations. Crafted from food-grade plastic, and designed with smooth surfaces they are the ideal choice for the food, meat and pharma industries. They are available in recycled plastic for non-food applications.



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Key benefits

  • designed to comply with stringent hygiene regulations
  • completely smooth and closed surfaces leave nowhere for bacteria to collect
  • designed specifically for the pharma, foods and chemical industries
  • ideal for clean rooms, food production and food processing
  • cost-effective due to robust and durable heavy-duty design
  • water resistant: no absorption and can be cleaned and dried manually
  • easy to maintain hygiene: repeated washing doesn’t deteriorate material
  • chemical resistant: apt for use with chemicals
  • temperature resistant: apt for use in chilled and freezer zones
  • lightweight in relation to heavy duty load-bearing capacity
  • suitable for automated systems, block stacking and high racking

Key information

  • smooth surface design ensures hygiene
  • option of completely closed runners for total hygiene
  • safety rims and rubber strips stop goods from sliding
  • upper decks can be open or closed
  • different footprints available
  • bottom decks with 3 or 5 runners: stackable
  • 4-way entry with standard pallet jack or forklift
  • optional tracking technology for location and temperature
  • made via injection moulding
  • made from food grade virgin plastic
  • available in recycled material
  • 100% recyclable for a circular and sustainable economy

Hygienic pallets are made from virgin plastic because recycled materials don’t meet the requirements of pharma clean rooms or food production and processing. They are robust and long-lasting, and are 100% recyclable, so once they reach the end of their long service life, they can be transformed into brand new plastic pallets.


Are plastic pallets food grade?

While all plastic pallets are easy to clean, not all of them are food grade. A food grade pallet, also called a hygiene pallet or hygienic pallet, is one which meets the stringent hygiene standards within the food and pharma industries. To be food grade, a plastic pallet must be made from virgin material rather than recycled material; therefore, any pallet made from recycled plastic is not food grade.

Although recycled plastic can’t be used to make hygiene pallets, old hygiene pallets can be melted down and made into new pallets. This means they can still form part of a circular and sustainable economy.

What makes hygienic pallets more hygienic?

Hygienic pallets, also called food grade or hygiene pallets, are called as such because they meet strict hygiene regulations within the food and pharma industries. To do this, they are especially designed with extra smooth surfaces which leave no place for bacteria to collect and grow. In addition to these smooth surfaces, some hygienic pallets have completely closed top decks and runners, meaning the entire pallet is sealed.


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A commitment to sustainability

At Cabka, the need for sustainability has driven our innovation and growth for more than 25 years, and it has solved numerous logistic and environmental challenges for our growing roster of clients. It continues today on multiple levels. We make most of our pallets and large containers from recycled materials, and their low weight, nestability, or foldability enhances the sustainability of the systems using them. They also save resources and reduce waste because they're durable and seldom need to be repaired or replaced. We make sustainability work for business, society, and the planet.

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