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To work at Cabka is to be part of an international team working directly on some of the most challenging issues of our time. It’s work with a purpose, and it’s work that gives back, with a variety of opportunities for professional development.

You should work for us

From career starters to seasoned experts, the same thing applies: We’re looking for people who have expectations for their job. If you come to Cabka, you can bring your boldness with you – and your appetite for trying new things, shaping our world, and getting involved. 

Our people are at the heart, soul, and success of Cabka. With our international scope, we have brought together a diverse, cross-continental team of 700 employees that speak 11 different languages, all united by the purpose of creating a more responsible, more sustainable future for everyone.

Work with purpose

It’s easy to get lost at big companies and overextended at small ones, but Cabka is a midsized company that offers the best elements of both. We’re big enough to be an industry player with a sizable workforce spread out over two continents, but small enough that each individual has the freedom to create and contribute.

At Cabka, you also have the opportunity to work with the future, not against it. We strive to alleviate the great ch allenges of our lifetime: sustainability and reducing waste. Our work began in recycling in 1994, then broadened to pallets and large containers, but we’re really about transformation. We want to change established processes and systems to make them more e fficient and sustainable for ourselves and future generations.

To work at Cabka is to be part of that mission and grow along with it. Whether you’re just starting your career or looking for your next chapter, we’re always looking for innovative thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit, committed to doing their best.

Never stop learning

We offer a variety of individual development opportunities to ensure your skills never stop growing. At the minimum, we offer on - the - job training, career counseling with manag ers, and mentoring/coaching from more experienced colleagues. But we also offer stretch assignments to help you expand your skill set, personal development plans, and assignments abroad. We also offer language courses and support for advanced degrees.

Beyond career development, Cabka offers a variety of perks, such as flexible work hours, benefits, permanent contracts, flat hierarchies, fast decision-making processes, and much more.

Joining our team

Interviewing with Cabka is a structured and transparent process. There are two to three interview levels, depending on the position, all of it pretty straightforward. Interviewees get to know their potential supervisor and teammates, learn about the position and its responsibilities and opportunities, and develop a sense of what it’s like to be part of the Cabka team. Interviews are conducted in person, on the phone, or via video chat



Bold thinkers needed. Come work for Cabka

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