Two-plus decades, one goal: Sustainability

From day one, we’ve been reusing and recycling our products and the plastics that make them. Even as we’ve grown, our priority remains the same: sustainability for all.

Sustainability Mission Statement

We live in a world of great progress, where technologies are helping us to provide ever faster, and more efficiently. A consumption economy based on abundance and convenience, where resources are considered endless,

But can we really call this progress?

At Cabka we don’t believe in progress unless it is for everyone, including the generations to come. Resources are not considered endless. Waste is not considered an inconvenient side effect.

Hence we aim to turn the used into the useful, considering waste as an opportunity. An opportunity to create new valuable products using waste as our input, specifically designed to be reused and recycled, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future.

We do so through a business model aimed at zero-waste.

With support of our suppliers we are constantly identifying new plastic waste streams and engineering them to become a source of material for our products. While in close cooperation with our customers we are developing lighter, more efficient reusable products which at the end of their lifespan are fully recycled and channeled back into production. This way we create a true closed loop, aimed to reduce, and reuse waste, actively reducing CO2 consumption in the chain together with our partners.


Transformation Matters.

Prosperity can be sustainable

At Cabka, we don’t believe in progress unless it’s for everyone, including future generations. For too long, companies measured prosperity by profit margins, without considering what it took to achieve them. Increasingly, consumers are demanding accountability, and companies must follow suit.

Cabka’s roots lie in recycling, so we never believed that sustainability and prosperity must be mutually exclusive. Long before sustainability became a buzzword, it was cen tral to how we operated. More than two decades later, that remains the case, even as Cabka has grown into the premier manufacturer of plastic pallets and large containers, and an expert in logistics efficiency.

Keeping plastic where it belongs

That’s because we design with sustainability in mind. Many of our products are made from reused and recycled materials. They are also 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan. We process 70% of our plastic in-house—that’s more than 150 kilotons of recycled material, from different sources, made into a wide range of our products.

We make our Export Pallets, Logistic & Reusable Pallets, Pallet Boxes, Custom-Made Products, and Sleeve Pack Containers from hard-to-recycle plastics. We design them with circularity in mind so they can be used again and again, then recycled when that is no longer an option. They keep waste out of landfills, averting both unwanted cost and unwanted accumulation.

The vast majority of consumers expect companies to do more than turn a profit. They want them to work for the greater good, like stopping climate change. One ton of recycled plastic saves around 2 tons of CO2 emissions, 5,774 kilowatt hours of energy, 16.3 barrels of oil, 98 million BTUs of energy, and 22 cubic meters of landfill. Together, we can make sustainability work for business, society, and the environment.


About us

At Cabka, our goal isn’t to just move things. We want to transform them for the better.

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More committed to less CO2

We’ve already partnered with market leaders to optimize their sustainability. We offer products and analytics services that can help your business do the same.

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The proof behind our principles

Responsibility to our clients, responsibility to our planet. These are more than just words at Cabka—they’re backed up by international certifications.


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