Plastic display pallets

Light, reusable and long-lasting plastic display pallets. They are sustainable, easy to clean, splinter and nail free. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, ideal for enhancing your retail displays and maximizing product visibility

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Key benefits

  • used to transport and display goods
  • sustainable through repetitive use, durability and recycling
  • safe to handle manually: lightweight and no nails or splinters
  • easy to clean
  • merchandise goes directly from production to retail display
  • increased sales and increased product and brand visibility
  • reduced handling of goods which in turn lowers risk of damage
  • delicate goods benefit from not being directly handled
  • money and time are saved with no unloading or shelf-stacking

Key information

  • safety rims stop goods from sliding
  • upper decks can be open
  • bottom decks with 3 runners: stackable
  • bottom decks with 6 or 9 feet: nestable
  • 2-way or 4-way entry with standard pallet jack or forklift
  • optional tracking technology for location and temperature
  • made via injection moulding
  • made from recycled plastics
  • 100% recyclable for a circular and sustainable economy


What are plastic display pallets?

Display pallets are defined by their use: they create an end-to-end product flow by taking merchandise directly from production to retail presentation. They eliminate the need for pallet unloading and in-store shelf-stacking, and they increase sales through product visibility.

Plastic display pallets are lightweight, easy to clean, safe to handle, and very durable. Our display pallets are made almost exclusively from recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.

What are the features of a display pallet?

Display pallets are smaller than other standard pallet sizes and so they fit nicely into retail spaces. When made from plastic they are particularly durable and lightweight, and don’t suffer from splintering, making them safe and easy to handle.



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A commitment to sustainability

At Cabka, the need for sustainability has driven our innovation and growth for more than 25 years, and it has solved numerous logistic and environmental challenges for our growing roster of clients. It continues today on multiple levels. We make most of our pallets and large containers from recycled materials, and their low weight, nestability, or foldability enhances the sustainability of the systems using them. They also save resources and reduce waste because they're durable and seldom need to be repaired or replaced. We make sustainability work for business, society, and the planet.

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