Life cycle and carbon footprint analysis

CO₂ Footprint

For a smaller footprint. Transparency about a company’s carbon footprint is not only important for consumers, but for stakeholders too.

Seeing the whole picture

With our long history of working with logistics systems that span the whole product life cycle, we’ve developed a keen understanding of the long-term environmental effects one single product can have, on micro and macro levels.

We’ve already partnered with numerous market leaders to optimize the sustainability of their logistics chains, and we can help your business do the same. We do that not just by supplying products, but also by providing value-added services related to them.


Our data service, offered for all Cabka material handling solutions regardless of industry, utilizes a specialized LifeCycle Analysis tool that calculates CO₂ emission, impact on human health, impact on ecosystem diversity, and impact on resource availability. Depending on your needs, we can scale the assessment from production to full product lifecycle. The data is easy to understand, highly customized, and ready for implementation.

Once we gather the customized data on your transport systems’ environmental impact, we can work with you to fin d the best plan for meeting your present — and future — sustainability goals.

A commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and growth needn’t be mutually exclusive. We’ve found a way to unite them.

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Because we encourage bold thinking and eagerness to try new things, whether you're just starting out or looking for your next chapter.

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