Track and Trace: traceability service for logistics, RFID and IoT

Track & Trace

It's time to get smart. Our logistics systems extend well beyond pallets and containers. In fact, some of our longest-running partnerships are with customers who take advantage of our track-and-trace hardware, software, and data packages.

Location data is just the start

Our track-and-trace systems help our partners in Pharmaceuticals, Food, Retail, and Pooling do more than simply monitor their shipments. Once analyzed, the data track and trace gathers helps them to shape the future of their logistics.

Cabka offers customized solutions for every need, but for every order, quality control remains uniformly high. Whether pallets are on the move, or being stored, it’s quick and easy to determine exactly where they are.

Radio-frequency identification tags automatically identify and track our customers’ pallets throughout their journey. Battery-powered GPS locators provide even more information. In addition to exact location in real time, they allow for precise temperature monitoring. Each GPS unit features an accelerometer that sends an alert if a pallet has collided with anything. Long battery life ensures that you can keep tabs on conditions even during long journeys.


We offer yearly, monthly, or quarterly packages. We supply the pallet or container, tracking device included. Our partners pay only for the platform and access to the data and analytics. These long-term traceability partnerships offer efficiency now, and the hard data to make the right decisions for your business in the future.

Customized solutions

We offer reliable, cost-efficient supply-chain and logistics solutions designed for your unique operational needs

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Carbon footprint and LCA analysis

We optimize the sustainability of logistics chains with comprehensive data analysis.

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