Plastic Pallet Collars

Pallet collars are a flexible solution to provide greater stability and security for palletized cargo. They are simply placed on the pallet to form a fence that can be removed and folded away when not in use, saving storage and transport space.

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Key benefits

  • excellent price to quality ratio: affordable, practical and durable
  • highly versatile and apt for a variety of applications and industries
  • sturdy and robust: adds stability to the pallet
  • flexible collar height: increase capacity by stacking collars
  • quick and easy to put on and take off
  • sizes available for different pallet footprints
  • saves space by folding unused collars
  • optimised reverse logistics and reduced CO2 emissions
  • easy exports: exempt from ISPM-15 treatment
  • ideal for in-store pallet display
  • sustainable: reusable, durable and recyclable
  • safe to handle manually: lightweight and no nails or splinters
  • water resistant: no absorption and can be cleaned and dried manually
  • easy to clean: repeated washing doesn’t deteriorate material

Key information

  • loads up to 600 kg static and dynamic
  • available in two sizes: euro (1200 x 800 mm) and industrial (1200 x 1000 mm)
  • folded height of 128 mm
  • collars as light as 7.5 kg
  • max. capacity of stacking 3 collars: 550 and 690 L
  • nesting stops collars from sliding when stacked empty
  • made via injection moulding
  • made from recycled plastics
  • 100% recyclable for a circular and sustainable economy


How do plastic pallet collars work?

Pallet collars differ from other pallet boxes because they fold away when not in use. A pallet collar creates a temporary box container by sitting on top of a pallet. Pallet collars can be stacked on top of one another to increase the collar-box height and volume.

Why are plastic pallet collars better than wooden packaging?

Plastic pallet collars are superior to wooden collars in numerous ways; due to the nature of the material, plastic collars are lighter, easier to clean, and more durable than wooden alternatives. Plastic collars are robust, often take heavier loads, and are fully recyclable at the end of their lives.


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A commitment to sustainability

At Cabka, the need for sustainability has driven our innovation and growth for more than 25 years, and it has solved numerous logistic and environmental challenges for our growing roster of clients. It continues today on multiple levels. We make most of our pallets and large containers from recycled materials, and their low weight, nestability, or foldability enhances the sustainability of the systems using them. They also save resources and reduce waste because they're durable and seldom need to be repaired or replaced. We make sustainability work for business, society, and the planet.

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