Customized solutions

Looking for something specific? We offer reliable, cost-efficient supply chain and logistics solutions designed just for you that reduce your costs and carbon footprint.

Getting it right

First and foremost, we work collectively with your business to meet your unique operational needs — and we take care to ensure that the time and effort you invest in creating a solution with us is worth your while.

Our development process has five comprehensive steps: a feasibility study, the proposal stage, product prototyping, custom mold construction, and finally, implementation into the supply chain. We never outsource these stage gates or the associated testing phases, and each builds on the preceding step to ensure quality when the product is delivered.


The process has proven successful; many of the products we developed jointly with customers have ended up becoming industry standards. Among them: many Beverage and Pooling pallets (the Keg S9, BPP i9, Endur i7.2, Heilbronner H7, and the Retail series), the Sam S3 (a nestable skid pallet developed for transporting and storing extra - large packages), and the CabCube 1.0 (a lightweight, three - piece packable container optimized for the transportation of larg e - volume parts). They keep delivering, too: The CabCube has proven so successful that we continue to release new versions, and the Heilbronner H7 has made wooden Düsseldorf pallets essentially obsolete.

So send us your challenge — big or small, across any industry — and we can collaborate on a customized solution to handle it.

Our mission

A commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and growth needn’t be mutually exclusive. We’ve found a way to unite them.

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Who we are?

We are Cabka

We are your go-to experts for smartly designed and sustainably produced load-carrier systems.

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