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New Eco CP3 and CP9: A superior quality alternative for the chemical industry

Cabka offers a comprehensive plastic pallet offering for the chemical industry designed to deliver superior quality, optimal cost per trip, the highest safety standards, and reduced CO2 emissions.


Specialized products for the chemical industry

The challenges the chemical industry is facing today make it more important than ever to have a partner that offers the highest standards of quality, reliability, and sustainability. Cabka has a comprehensive portfolio of pallets for the chemical industry with unique designs, sizes, and specifications, to deliver:

- Superior quality to enhance operational efficiency

- Optimal cost per trip

- The highest safety standards for people and the cargo

- Reduced CO2 emissions

- Enable a circular economy approach

The use of plastic pallets in the chemical industry is becoming increasingly popular. Cabka has now launched the new Eco CP3 and Eco CP9, equivalent to the wooden standard CP3 and CP9 pallets, offering numerous advantages for users as they are made of recycled plastic.

They are sustainable, produced out of 100% recycled materials that are themselves 100 percent recyclable at the end of product life.

The pallets ensure operational efficiency and are cost-saving thanks to dimensional stability and impact resistance, helping to reduce stoppages and cargo damages when working with automation systems.

They are safer since they prevent injuries caused by splinters and loads safely also in high racking.

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