Plastic pallets and containers in the beverage industry



As consumers continue to prioritize premium and healthier beverages, the need to move a lot of products rapidly has never been more important. As automation becomes dominant, so too become load carriers designed to work in those environments.

Shifting consumer taste

Consumers around the world are looking for beverages that are kinder to their bodies and to the planet. More and more, consumers are gravitating toward functional-healthy, non-alcoholic, and super-premium alcoholic beverages. This includes beverages enjoyed at home, as well as within the enormous worldwide HORECA (hotel/restaurant/cafe) channel.

Product must move rapidly, at high volumes. So the industry has become highly automated in the western EU, most of the U.S. and Japan, with the rest of the world soon to follow.

A need for better design

As various industries’ needs for load carriers increased, plastic pallets had a clear advantage. The plastic pallets Cabka provides the beverage industry, for comparison, have a lifespan four times longer than heavy duty wooden pallets. Even so, our circularity repairs, services and recycles broken pallets and increases the lifespan of once-damaged materials.

Efficient distribution of beverages on a global scale often results in storage conditions that are not always ideal. They require the kind of highly diversified systems we have offered for decades, with products like our hygienic pallets, the Keg S9, Heineken Keg pallet, BPP i9, the Heilbronner H7 half-pallet, and the Endur range.

All of our products use plastic instead of wood because worker safety is both a challenge and a priority throughout the industry. We offer ergonomically designed pallets with features like anti- slip systems that are both good for the workforce and for the security of the products being handled. Additionally, the post-consumer and post-industrial materials we use are good for the environment (and the bottom line).

A recent study found that 88% of consumers are more loyal to companies that support sustainability. Our recyclable, waste-eliminating smart pallets are a customizable, reliable solution across this diversified industry.

We are Cabka

A commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and growth needn’t be mutually exclusive. We’ve found a way to unite them.

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Customized solutions

We offer reliable, cost - efficient supply - chain and logistics solutions designed for your unique operational needs.

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Case studies

“The fact that as from the beginning Cabka turned out to be a company with high technical skills and well experienced in the production of heavy use plastic pallets, this brought the added value we were looking for.” Christiaan Hamminga, Secretary of DPB



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