Applications of plastic pallets and containers in chemical industry



When an industry faces a lot of scrutiny, you must have reliable systems in place behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. Load carriers specially designed for the chemical industry are critical.

Twin demands

In the chemical industry, the need for growth moves in parallel with the need to reduce carbon footprints and the need to advance the usage of recycled plastics, now more than ever.

Plastic pallets made from recycled plastics are an economic and environmental solution, but must be supplied on a grand scale. This requires a partner who can manufacture and deliver a wide range of pallet systems on par with global demand, especially in the rapidly expanding markets of India and Asia. Their products must adhere to worldwide standards and support sustainability efforts.

Specialized products for the chemical industry

Cabka has led the industry since we first began offering our cost-effective, environmentally friendly, durable, and circular pallets. Our Eco CP3, Eco CP7, Eco CP9 pallets were all developed specifically for the chemical industry. Highly shock absorbent, they are designed to minimize the risk of damage to their loads and work with all material handling equipment utilized in the chemical industry like roller and chain conveyors. The CP7 and CP9 have six broad runners to provide secure block stacking.

All are recyclable and available for purchase with an optional Buy Back Program. We specialize in the circularity that plays an increasingly vital role in companies’ sustainability strategies, even as the need for pallets grows.

No matter the need, we offer access that’s as customizable as our products. Our plastic pallets are built specifically for highly automated environments, with a focus on safety—that of workers around the world, and the world in which they live. We are trusted by companies everywhere to deliver reliability down to the very last pallet.

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A commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and growth needn’t be mutually exclusive. We’ve found a way to unite them.

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Track and trace program

Go beyond monitoring shipments and use data to streamline logistics.

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Case studies

“The [Eco E7] is extremely stable. For example, when our pallets are slid into the shipping container, that is already a lot of stress. Besides this, the pallets run easily through our automated system, and even loading into the fully automated high rack is trouble-free.“ –Harald Zitzelsberger, Hoffmann Mineral.



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