Applications of plastic pallets and containers in the dairy industry



It’s no secret that dairy products play a vital role in healthy human diets. So it’s no surprise that the global dairy market is on track to reach $574.3 billion by 2027.

A fast-growing sector

It’s no secret that dairy products play a vital role in healthy human diets. So it’s no surprise that the global dairy market is on track to reach $574.3 billion by 2027.

Much of this increase has been led by demand in the Asia-Pacific region, with China accounting for the fastest growing dairy market, and milk accounting for the largest category in dairy sales. Thanks to affordability, an expansion in retail distribution, and increasing awareness around the digestive health benefits of fermented dairy products, this key industry is likely to become even larger.

With this rapid global growth comes a shift in consumer expectations. Sales of conventionally packaged milk have declined in the last five years—and this downward trend is expected to continue as increasingly health- and eco-conscious consumers look for companies that consider the environment in their day-to-day operations.

Increased reliability during product delivery

Industry leaders are responding by offering organic dairy products with higher nutritional value, creating more sustainable packaging, and reducing their carbon footprint in supply chain and transportation operations.

That’s where Cabka comes in. With our wide range of food-grade-certified plastic pallets, we can help improve efficiencies in dairy transport and production chains, thereby reducing cost, avoiding product waste, and lessening associated CO2 emissions.

Our Hygienic E7.3 and Hygienic i7.1 pallets are manufactured from food-grade virgin HDPE and feature sealed surfaces that prevent dirt from accumulating. Our Heilbronner H7 offers increased reliability during dairy - product delivery thanks to internal RFID responders, which allow for tracking product along transport routes - a necessity for foods with short shelf - lives. Our durable, 100% recyclable CabCubes reduce load carrier weight and protect packaging materials during transportation.

Once the pallets have completed their purpose, we recycle them into new load carriers. That’s one more step toward an environmentally friendly supply chain, and one less thing to worry about.

We are Cabka

A commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and growth needn’t be mutually exclusive. We’ve found a way to unite them.

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Carbon footprint and LCA analysis

We optimize the sustainability of logistics chains with comprehensive data analysis.

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Case studies

Bert Stoit, FrieslandCampina

“The Endur plastic pallets are perfect for this job; it wouldnʼt work at all with wooden pallets.They are robust, which is perfect for use in high-bay racks — and they come in different colors.”

Wiebe Swieringa, S&K Swieringa Kunststof

“Together with Cabka, we are ready for the future!”



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