Plastic pallets and containers in the meat and poultry industry


Meat & Poultry

Like so many other industries, the meat and poultry world has seen a shift in consumer behavior favoring sustainability and healthfulness, along with greater specialization of products. That requires smarter load carriers.

A growing demand

Meat and poultry consumers around the world are becoming more specific about their dietary needs. Organic. GMO-free. Antibiotic-free. They’re gravitating toward specialized, higher quality meats and meat alternatives. This of course requires a wider range of specialized pallet and container solutions.

A smart answer

We have extensive experience providing reliable, low-cost nestable export pallets and high- quality hygienic pallets. Cabka’s customers need both, and they know to come to us for specialized pallets and large containers that set the industry standard.

Products like our trackable, scannable RFID-chipped pallets increase efficiency exponentially. Our leading H1 hygienic pallet boasts strong resistance to hot and cold temperatures and is available with locator blocks, safety rims, and open or closed runners. The breadth of what we offer—including closed skids, repurchase of used pallets, and in-house recycling—have made us the go-to supplier for many in the industry.

And the industry isn’t just about meat and poultry anymore.

Consumers are moving toward more sustainable choices. The most agile and forward-thinking meat and poultry providers are evolving as well. They’re embracing the new diet-conscious staples appearing on shelves and tables around the world.

This shift toward sustainability extends beyond the food itself. This new, more responsible pivot must include ecologically minded materials, packaging, and equipment. Our Ecological Circularity means our range of customizable, durable, and hygienic pallets are responsible, recyclable, and returnable.

Proper pallet systems are crucial to remaining competitive. We have long been a leader in supplying pallets that are both sustainable and efficient to the Meat & Poultry industry.

We are Cabka

A commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and growth needn’t be mutually exclusive. We’ve found a way to unite them.

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Carbon footprint and LCA analysis

We optimize the sustainability of logistics chains with comprehensive data analysis.

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Case studies

The shipping requirements of the meat-processing industry often call for the use of export pallets, which will not be returned. So they must be inexpensive. At the intersection of low cost, high food-safety standards, and easy integration into the production and packaging process sits the Cabka Nest E5 model (OD-9F). Our partners in Meat Processing have seen success with this versatile plastic pallet. The Cabka Nest E5 pallet offers an incredible return on investment, a low-cost solution in such a logistically challenging industry.



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