Applications of plastic pallets and containers in the dairy industry



Few industries work with cargo as valuable or important as the pharmaceutical industry. The stakes are incredibly high for product to arrive on time and unsullied, and there is little room for mistakes.

Familiar challenges, with a twist

The challenges facing the pharmaceutical logistics sector, while not unique, must be solved in a way that’s unique to the industry. In almost any other area, efficiency bordering on corner- cutting is standard, even applauded. That’s not the case in pharmaceuticals, because it can’t be the case. These are invaluable materials. Their timely arrival in good condition can be a matter of life and death.

Special needs

Because pharmaceutical products are incredibly high-value cargo, they require high-quality, durable, and hygienic load-carrying systems. They must be tracked and handled correctly from vehicle to vehicle, facility to facility. Nearly every medication requires speedy, efficient shipping along lengthy supply lines.

Cabka’s hygienic, trackable, RFID-chipped pallets help to ensure that medications arrive on time and in excellent condition. They satisfy global regulations, endure harsh treatment in automated environments, and enable large-scale shipments. Sustainably built and recyclable, our plastic pallets and large containers offer advantages that are not possible with their wooden counterparts.

For instance, the heavy-duty Hygienic E7.3 is made from food-safe HDPE and is fully enclosed, so dirt has nowhere to accumulate. Without any cavities, it’s easily cleaned. On the other end, our Eco E5 is completely open, with ribs allowing for air flowthrough. Although it’s lightweight, it can hold up to 500 kg. In between them is the Endur i7, whose impact-resistant PP is great for semi-hygienic situations and high-rotation usage. All run smoothly along conveyor systems and in automated warehouses, and when they reach the end of their lifespan, they’re easily reabsorbed into our circular economy.

The point is, no matter the needs of the pharma industry, we have a solution. We work with pharmaceutical clients like Merck and Pfizer to deliver systems built to their exact specifications.

The pharmaceutical logistics sector rewards innovation, and we have been innovating for more than 25 years and counting. We understand the unique challenges of the pharmaceuticals industry, and our pallets and containers are designed to surpass them.

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Case studies

“Of course, first and foremost we look to the costs. With the CPP 325 [Nest US5.1], we have relatively low expenses, high stability, especially if we want to stack them for export. This pallet gets along well with all of our products — especially in terms of carrying capacity.” Scott Schager, Gerresheimer Glass, Inc.

“We can now load the shipping pallet directly onto the hygiene - sensitive production line. That lightens the operating budget.” Jan Baert, MSD Hei st Operations



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