Applications of plastic pallets and containers in retail



Ask any retailer, and they’ll probably tell you their success is facing unprecedented challenges. It’s never been more important to get logistics right.

A challenging time

In a lot of ways, retailers have never faced more challenges than they do now. Growing labor and shipping costs. Ever-higher customer expectations. Increasingly complex supply chains.

The list goes on, but so do the ways to address these challenges, thanks to innovations in technology, automation, and data analytics.

And pallets. Without them, the system doesn’t work. That’s why it’s critically important to choose the right ones.

Rethinking the retail container

Cabka developed the first lightweight, nestable, multi-trip pallet for the retail industry. While nestable pallets were traditionally used in one-way and export applications, we developed a durable, long-life pallet.

Our popular Retail E5.1 nestable picking pallet, and its successor, the E5.2, have made retail logistics cheaper and more efficient. They help reduce CO2 emissions with their volume-saving designs, high capacity, light weight, and long service life. More than 2 millions of our retail pallets are in use today. Our Heilbronner H7 has made the wooden Düsseldorf pallet obsolete because of its durability and internal RFID transponders for tracking. More than 3 million have been delivered.

No matter the model name, our plastic solutions have much in common. They’re light, ergonomic, and easy for workers to handle, without the splinters, screws, or errant hardware of wooden pallets. They’re hygienic and easy to clean, which is especially important in retail.

Our nestable pallets also take up less space, reducing warehousing and transportation costs. The Retail E5.1 and E5.2 pallets save more than 500 kg of load carrier weight with each delivery to a retailer. Compared to wooden pallets, our nestable Retail pallet has a stunning 62% lower CO2 impact and 0% loss rate.

Doing the right thing environmentally has never been easier or made better business sense. The demands of the retail world may be ever increasing, but with Cabka, businesses can stay ahead of them.

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