Red Bull and Cabka Collaborate to Drive Circular Economy Solutions in Logistics

–   Red Bull underscores its commitment to sustainability by adopting a circular economy approach, utilizing a new reusable pallet solution made from 100% recycled plastics.


–   Introducing the BigBag S5 pallet made by Cabka, Red Bull is creating an efficient closed-loop system between its facilities in Europe and the USA.


–   The innovative BigBag S5 pallet marks a revolutionary step in optimizing efficiency and sustainability within Red Bull’s supply chain, leading to a noteworthy 20% reduction in container transports.


Red Bull, the renowned energy drink manufacturer, is partnering with Cabka, the market leader in reusable transport packaging made from recycled plastic, to enhance the sustainability of its valuable ingredient transportation. The introduction of Cabka's specially designed BigBag S5 pallet marks a significant step towards optimizing efficiency and eco-friendliness throughout Red Bull's supply chain.

The key feature of the BigBag S5 pallet is its unique design, catering specifically to the transportation of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) commonly known as Big Bags. The crucial improvement is, that FIBCs can be stacked on top of each other without risking any damage to the FIBCs’ fabric. Hence, this innovation enables Red Bull to significantly reduce the volume of freight required for sea transport. By utilizing the unique dimensions of the BigBag S5 pallet and its accompanying Big Bags, Red Bull can optimize the use of space within a standard 20-foot iso container. As a result, a remarkable 20% reduction in container transports can be achieved, representing a clear win for sustainability.

Previously, Red Bull utilized one-way wooden pallets and 40-foot maritime containers for transporting its energy drink ingredients to the US market, leading to limited payload capacity. With the adoption of Cabka's sustainable pallet solution and the transition to 20-foot iso containers, Red Bull can now achieve both cost efficiency and sustainability goals.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Red Bull will implement the BigBag S5 pallet as a reusable solution, establishing an efficient closed-loop system between Red Bull's facilities in Austria and the USA. This approach minimizes waste and environmental impact. At the end of its lifecycle, Cabka can recycle the BigBag S5 pallet, further contributing to a more circular economy.

Cabka's expertise in recycled plastics processing is concentrated at its Innovation Center in Valencia, Spain, where the company integrates product design, materials engineering, and testing capabilities. Cabka's team works closely with its customers to develop and refine innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of its partners, such as Red Bull. The BigBag S5 pallet, measuring 1150 x 950 x 150 mm, sets a new standard in strength and durability. It offers enhanced handling and protection for Big Bags during transportation, ensuring the integrity of the valuable contents. The design features include exceptional stability for double stacking, protection against damage during pallet handling, compatibility with roller conveyors, four-way entry, and a deck design that centers the Big Bag load, enhancing stability during transport. Moreover, the pallet is reusable, made from recycled plastic, and 100% recyclable.

Red Bull and Cabka's collaboration set an example for the industry by embracing innovative packaging solutions, prioritizing reusable load carriers, and advocating recycling practices. Through this partnership, they aim to drive positive change and pave the way for a more sustainable future in logistics.

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