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Repsol and Cabka's recycled polypropylene pallets: A sustainable solution for Logistics

A sustainable solution for Logistics

Repsol Reciclex® key to provide extraordinary load capacity, high flexural rigidity, excellent dimensional stability, and high mechanical deformation resistance to Cabka's recycled plastic pallets.

These pallets' high mechanical properties are achieved through a joint development effort between Repsol's and Cabka's technical experts, by incorporating Repsol's high-impact polypropylene, Repsol Impacto® into the new recycled polypropylene compound.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, industries seek ways to reduce carbon footprints. And the logistics within every industry are no exception. Opting to use recycled plastic pallets is a solution to achieve their sustainability goals. However, it was necessary to go further so that the recycled plastic pallets maintain the demanding mechanical properties that characterize these products. Cabka's reusable, high-performing recycled plastic pallets incorporating the new Repsol Reciclex® polypropylene compound have met this challenge.

The new Repsol Reciclex® polypropylene based on plastic waste was developed jointly by Repsol and Cabka's technical experts specifically for Cabka's Endur i7 (CP1) high-performing recycled plastic pallets. This is a key offering in Cabka's extensive pallet lineup, and its especially broad portfolio of solutions for the chemical industry, for many industrial sectors that include pallets when calculating their carbon footprints.

These new recycled plastic pallets offer extraordinary load capacity, high flexural rigidity, and excellent dimensional stability while being compatible with automated handling and robotic palletizing. In comparison to the recycled pallets previously available, these new pallets' main improvement relies on their high mechanical deformation resistance, made possible by Repsol's technical experts at Repsol Technology Lab reinforcing this solution with Repsol's high-impact polypropylene, Repsol Impacto®. These customizable pallets open the door for logistics companies to request future developments to meet their specific needs.

For this project, Cabka contributed its extensive pallet expertise, concentrated at its Innovation Center in Valencia, where the German company integrates material formulation, product design, and testing capabilities to produce reusable transport packaging with a circular economy approach.

With the launch of this innovative, high-performing plastic pallet with recycled plastic content, logistics companies have a powerful new tool that promises to improve efficiency and benefit the environment. It is a new development in an industry always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.

About Repsol

Repsol is a global multi-energy company that is leading the energy transition with its ambition of achieving zero net emissions by 2050. Present throughout the energy value chain, the company employs 24,000 people worldwide and distributes its products in nearly 90 countries. Its customer-focused product and services portfolio meets all consumer needs to around 24 million customers, whether at home or on the move.

To achieve its goal of zero net emissions by 2050, Repsol is deploying an integrated model of decarbonization technologies based on improving efficiency, increasing low-emissions power generation capacity, producing low-carbon fuels, developing new customer solutions, the circular economy, and driving innovative projects to reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

In Chemicals, Repsol is committed to greater efficiency in industrial processes aimed at the circular economy, with the goal of recycling the equivalent of 20% of its polyolefin production by 2030. Repsol has a circular economy strategy since 2016 that it has applied throughout its value chain, from obtaining raw materials to the marketing of products and services.

Repsol’s products are used to manufacture everyday objects that improve people's quality of life, well-being, and safety. Its wide variety of chemical products range from base petrochemicals to derivatives and include a wide range of polyolefins, all of which are 100% recyclable.

About Cabka

Cabka is in the business of recycling plastics from post-consumer and post-industrial waste into innovative reusable pallets- and large container solutions enhancing logistics chain sustainability. Cabka is leading the industry in its integrated approach closing the loop from waste to recycling to manufacturing. Backed by its own innovation center in Valencia it has industry knowledge, capability and capacity of making maximum use bringing recycled plastics back in the production loop at attractive returns. Cabka is fully equipped to exploit the full value chain from waste to end-products.

Cabka is listed at Euronext Amsterdam as of 1 March 2022 under the CABKA ticker with international securities identification number NL00150000S7.

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