Case study of plastic pallets in the dairy industry

Dairy Industry

Milk powder, used primarily as a base ingredient in the making of baby food, is a vital export product. Sold primarily in Asia and Africa, this is a sensitive food that requires particular care when manufactured and handled. Maintaining hygiene is of the utmost importance.

A big operation

Dutch pallet retailer S&K Swieringa Kunststof supplies dairy company Royal FrieslandCampina with Cabka’s durable Endur i9 plastic pallet to use in its milk-powder production. S&K is also responsible for cleaning the pallets in accordance with the strictest hygiene standards. This is a high-volume enterprise, with 30,000 pallets constantly in circulation and 6,000 sent out for thorough cleaning every month.

Industry need, Cabka solution

● Hygiene: Not only is the Endur i9 easy to clean and reuse, it is resistant to insect, bacterial, and fungal attacks.

● Organization: The Endur i9’s load capacity and durability makes it advantageous for use in high-bay racks. It’s available in different colors to make sorting products and lifecycle phases simple.

● Weight-bearing: This heavy-duty pallet loads up to 1,500 kg in high-bay racks and is manufactured from impact-resistant PP, without metal reinforcement.

● Transport: Suitable for roller and chain conveyors, with anti-slip options available on demand.

The right choice

Both of these industry power players trust Cabka to provide reliable, reusable, and well-designed pallets that meet their acute supply-chain needs. The Endur i9 Plastic Pallet is only one of the many pallet options our dairy-industry partners use.


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Bert Stoit, FrieslandCampina

“The Endur plastic pallets are perfect for this job; it wouldnʼt work at all with wooden pallets. They are robust, which is perfect for use in high-bay racks—and they come in different colors.”


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