Case study of plastic pallet boxes in the food industry

Food Storage / Agriculture

When Deprez Handling Solutions needed to further specialize its automated warehouse solutions, the company came to Cabka for the most important part.

A storage challenge

Deprez Handling Solutions in Belgium develops machines for the handling of potatoes, carrots, onions, bulk goods, and recyclable materials. It operates automated box-handling systems that originally used wooden pallet boxes to transport materials. But over the years, customers started asking Deprez for more specialized systems, including intermediate storage for products before they were packed. In order to do that, Deprez needed hygienic, food-safe storage containers with maximum capacity—and they couldn’t be wood.

Industry need, Cabka solution

Company co-founder Johan Deprez developed an automated system to address storage mechanics, but he needed an appropriate container. He found one in the Cabka Pallet Box.

● Ready for food: The Pallet Box is made from food - safe HDPE that resists impacts and chemicals.

● High capacity and stackable: It holds up to 1,400 liters and is built to stack — up to seven safely on top of each other for a stacking load of 7,000 kg.

● Temperature safe: They function in conditions from minus 30 to plus 50 degrees Celsius.

In Deprez’s setup, an optical system sorts potatoes by size, then places them in the Pallet Boxes. Depending on their classification, potatoes are either stored or sent to the packaging line. A special machine automatically empties the boxes, meaning the entire process is automated, from the arrival of the products until they’re shipped out the door

Customer benefits

“Our solution would not exist without the Pallet Box,” Deprez says. Wooden boxes aren’t safe for food—not to mention their weight would be an issue. The Pallet Box weighs only 69 kilograms perforated or 72 kilograms in closed design.


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Mattias Mergaert, Sales Manager, Deprez Handling Solutions

“We have already implemented about 30 installations with the Pallet Box, so we are in constant contact with Cabka to ensure optimum functionality.”


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