Case study of plastic pallets in the meat processing industry

Meat-Processing Industry

Once a pallet travels a certain distance, its return is simply no longer cost-effective. The vast distances and logistic hurdles standing between it and its point of origin require an alternative to reusability.

Great distances, many deeds

The shipping requirements of the meat-processing industry often call for the use of export pallets, which will not be returned. So they must be inexpensive. But that low cost must always go hand-in-hand with total safety. HAACP guidelines on food-security monitoring must be met. But hygiene isn’t the only factor customers must consider when choosing export pallets.

These pallets must be easy and economical to procure. They must be delivered on time. They must meet low floor-space requirements in storage. They must remain secure and withstand ever-present cold storage and warehousing. They must handle heavy loads, and offer complete reliability along lengthy, worldwide shipping routes.

Industry need, Cabka solution

At the intersection of low cost, high food - safety standards, and easy integration into the production and packaging process sits the Cabka Nest E5 model (OD-9F).

● Hygiene: Made of PE recycled material that fulfills hygienic requirements.

● Smaller footprint: Nestability means less occupied space for lower transportation and storage costs

● Less labor: From point of packaging to final delivery, no repacking is necessary with the E5

● Low investment: Wooden pallets are subject to the strict, often cost-prohibitive standards of the ISPM 15. Our plastic pallets are not.

Checking all the boxes

Our partners in Meat Processing have seen success with this versatile plastic pallet. Even with all of these benefits and reasons to believe, the Cabka Nest E5 pallet offers an incredible return on investment, a low-cost solution in such a logistically challenging industry.


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