Case study of plastic pallets in the mining industry

Mining Industry

There’s only one place in the world to find an important ingredient for rubber, plastics, dye, paint, varnish, and even nutritional supplements: the mines near Neuburg, Germany. When you extract 200,000 tons of it every year, you need to use the right load carriers.

A whole lot of powder

Hoffmann Mineral GmbH exclusively mines, treats, and distributes Neuburg Siliceous Earth worldwide. Every day, its facility ships out more than 200 tons of fine white powder in 25 kg sacks or 1,200 kg big bags.

The system is fully automated and ends in high-rack storage, so Hoffmann Mineral needs pallets that work seamlessly in automated systems, are easily rackable, and can handle heavy loads.

Industry need, Cabka solution

The Cabka Eco E7 fits the bill for a variety of reasons.

● Stability: Hoffmann Mineral’s warehouse is tough on pallets. The Eco E7 can handle stressful conditions that arise during racking and moving to the shipping container.

● Automation readiness: In an entirely automated system, you need a pallet that moves smoothly and doesn’t cause problems. The Eco E7 sails through Hoffmann Mineral’s systems and into their high-bay racks without issue.

● Ready for the heavy: With a capacity of 5,000 kg static, 2,500 kg dynamic, and 1,000 kg racking, the Eco E7 can handle all of those sacks of Neuburg Siliceous Earth.

More than justifying itself

While the Eco E7 is a portfolio product for Cabka, it behaves as if we specially designed it for Hoffmann Mineral. Altho ugh the company still uses some wooden pallets, the Eco E7 makes a strong case for going fully plastic.

“[It’s] not just a question of cost, but also justified by issues such as punctuality and reliability of delivery, even when there is extra short-term demand,” explains Shipping Manager Harald Zitzelsberger.


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Harald Zitzelsberger, Shipping Manager, Hoffmann Mineral GmbH

“The Eco E7 is extremely stable. For example, when our pallets are slid into the shipping container, that is already a lot of stress. Besides this, the pallets run easily through our automated system, and even loading into the fully automated high rack is trouble-free.”


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