Highly durable surface reinforcement for streets and parking lots

The MultiDrain is an inexpensive and ecological ground reinforcement system that is easy and quick to install. Guaranteeing the preservation of natural soil functions was the focus of its development. It drains even without a channel interface and depending on the category, the system is usable by vehicles of all weight classes.

Scope of application

  • Commercial stockyards and entrances
  • Truck and bus parking spaces
  • Service lanes for motorway services
  • Suitable for protected natural areas and landscapes
  • Private passenger car parking lots
  • Garage entrances
  • Recreational vehicle parking spaces
  • Walkways and bike paths
  • Ecological surface course for terraces and walkways with cobblestone or paving stone


  • Driveable by trucks
  • Easy to install
  • UV-resistant and weatherproof
  • Permanently permeable to water and breathable with a high number of joints and large pore volume
  • Ideal as open reinforcement for a variety of spaces
  • Conserves ecologically valuable topsoil
  • Environmentally sustainable (soil, air and ground water)
  • Shear forces are minimized
  • Paved surfaces with biological cleaning function
  • No surface course for passenger car use required
  • No uneven settling
  • Flexible marking of parking spaces

Technical data

Dimensions 400 x 400 x 60 mm
Color Gray
Top side Anti-slip, knobbed steps
Bottom side Wide T-support
Weight 26.9 kg

Delivery Unit

Pallet with 160 units
Dimensions 1150 x 1050 x 2250 mm
Weight 870 kg
Units/truckload 4160 units

Detailed information about this product is located on the website of our development partner HÜBNER-LEE: