Professional ground reinforcement made easy

CABKA Grid the ground reinforcement system with no sealing made from recycled plastic

With 15 years of experience developing and manufacturing ground reinforcement systems, we focused on three factors in particular with the CABKA Grid: A large contact surface for optimal surface-load distribution. A quick and strong linking system. And an even, stable grid structure that can incorporate filling stones as needed. The CABKA Grid is available in three heights: 20 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm.

Scope of application

Passenger car parking spaces and garage entrances

Paddocks and riding facilities          

Walkways, forest roads and trails

Golf courses

Also applicable for

  • Fire department access roads
  • Embankments and shoreline reinforcement
  • Erosion protection
  • Green parking*

* Unsealed surfaces have been proven to heat up less than asphalt surfaces and, therefore, contribute to a lower ambient temperature.


  • extremely simple and quick to install
  • hooks together easily with foot pressure
  • preassembled at 12.8 sqft | 1,2 m2 (4 components)
  • optimal surface-load distribution thanks to the extra large contact surface on the bottom of the CABKA Grid; 37% of the entire surface has direct contact with the ground
  • Anti-slip nabs on top and bottom
  • design and plug-in system keeps components from bulging due to sun exposure
  • no surface compaction, no edging, and no additional drainage system necessary
  • easy to handle with a saw or an angle grinder
  • UV-resistant and weatherproof
  • long service life

Technical data

Types i1 i1,5 i2
Effective depth 0.8 inch 1.5 inch 1.9 inch
Suitable for Sidewalks, bike paths, and green roofs Parking lots, driveways, event venues, campsites, and for passenger cars up to 3.5 t Fire department access roads, country roads and parking spaces for trucks, and surfaces for small airfields and heliports
Natural load-bearing capacity* 700 psi 1000 psi 2400 psi
Dimensions 23.6 x 19.6 inch (1 grid = 3.2 sqft)
Wall thickness 0.12 inch 0.11 inch 0.16 inch
Sealed surface area 37 %
Weight per aria 0.6 psf 1.0 psf 1.8 psf
Certificates from TÜV Süd, Institut für Kunststoffe (Institute for plastics) Bridge capacity 12/12 for vehicles up to 12 t total weight permitted in accordance with DIN 1072 Bridge capacity 16/16 for vehicles up to 16 t total weight permitted in accordance with DIN 1072 Bridge capacity 60/30 for heavy-duty vehicles up to 60 t total weight permitted in accordance with DIN 1072
DIN 14090 Access for Fire Trucks
Material PE/PP
Temperature range -58°F to 190°F
Shape changes 1.3 % (at temperature increase from room temperatur to 190°F)
Resistance to Exhaust, diesel fuel, gasoline, oil, leaching, deicing salt, alcohol, organic solvents, ammonia, urine and many other substances
Suitable as surfaces for playgrounds in accordance with the Federal Soil Protection Act (Bundesbodenschutzverordnung)

* with suitable ground

The CABKA Grid is made of 100% recycled plastic. It is demonstrably environmentally neutral and safe for the soil and the groundwater.

Delivery Unit

Types i1 i1,5 i2
Packing unit 1 layer = 4 pre-connected
Layers per pallet 112 60 46
Area per pallet 1437 sqft 770 sqft 590 sqft
Pieces per pallet 448 240 184
Pallet surface area 48 x 40 inch
Delivery unit height incl. pallet 99.0 inch 97.6 inch 97.8 inch
Delivery weight 895 lbs 803 lbs 1052 lbs

Small spikes on the top and bottom reduce the risk of slipping in wet conditions, even when laying the grid upside down.