Inflow plates


Inflow plates

Cabka inflow plates for bio-filtration equipment are made of recycled plastic. For use in composting and wastewater treatment plants, the system is impressive with its simple, fast, and low-cost installation. It consists of filter grate floors and variable foot components. Our recycled material stands up to chemicals, acids and microorganisms. Cabka filter grate floors are lighter and more ecologically sound than traditional equipment made of concrete or tropical ironwood.


  • Composting plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Waste recycling and treatment
  • Food industry

Easy installation

Cabka filter grate floors and foot components can be installed easily and quickly and, therefore, inexpensively. The filter component’s light weight and manageable dimensions make it easy to transfer with no machinery and few personnel.

The Cabka filter grate floor has locking aids at the corners to hold the floor optimally to the foot components. Their perfectly fitting companion pieces are pins for positioning on the top side of the foot components.

Cabka inflow plates are very easy to install and can withstand loads immediately. No machines, few personnel.

Technical advantages

With 30 percent flow-through surface, Cabka filter floors have high air permeability. At the same time, the fine holes prevent biological filter mass from collecting. The grate openings’ 21.5 mm diameter prevents even relatively small coating or fill material from falling through the openings. The loose tongue-and-groove fastening system compensates for length changes and stretching of the floor caused by temperature fluctuations. The installed inflow plates can be driven on by 2-ton vehicles, and even by 3-ton vehicles for short periods. Cabka foot components can be purchased in various elevation heights, so that the system can be adjusted to each individual project. The foot elements’ large-design elevation surface (260 mm in diameter) prevents the filter floors from hanging through when temperatures are especially high. All components are made of dual-system recycled mixed plastic. This material is especially resistant to chemicals, acids and microorganisms.

Maximum stability and optimal ventilation with 30 percent open surface.

Technical data

Filter grate floor
Dimensions 500 x 500 x 80 mm
Surface load (max.) 20 kPa = 20 kN/m²
Weight 7.5 kg
Cross-sectional surface open: approx. 30% typical: 21.5 x 21.5 mm
Foot component
Installation height 268 mm 402 mm 536 mm 670 mm 804 mm
Weight 2.4 kg 3.2 kg 4.0 kg 4.8 kg 5.6 kg
All components
Temperature range 0 - 50 °C
Material of all components Recycled mixed plastic

Delivery Unit


Pallet with Dimensions
Weight (kg)

grate floor

120 units 1200 x 1000
x 2300
990 3120 units

Foot component

268 mm
240 units 1200 x 1000
x 2170
596 6240 units

Foot component

402 mm
150 units 1200 x 1000
x 2250
650 3900 units

Foot component

536 mm
120 units 1200 x 1000
x 2360
656 3120 units

Foot component

670 mm
90 units 1200 x 1000
x 2200
587 2340 units

Foot component

804 mm
72 units 1200 x 1000
x 2410
524 1872 units

Light and easy to install.

2-ton trucks can drive on it immediately.