Terra Modul Eco


Terra Modul Eco

Robust plastic lawn grid, inspired by the design of the concrete lawn grid stone

Special product features

  • Three-dimensional lock against moving
  • 1m² Terra Modul Eco equals approx. 0.38 m² of open surface

Scope of application

Ground areas can be paved with lawn grid stones, which creates additional natural open space. Parking lots, industrial spaces, driveways, parking spaces, recreational facilities, outdoor courtyards, campsites, embankments, shoulders, slope and curbstone mountings, paved surfaces of all kinds. Also particularly suitable for animal husbandry and stables of all kinds, equestrian sports facilities, paddocks and zoological gardens.

Technical data

Dimensions586 x 396 x 60 mm
WeightApprox. 4 kg
Compressive Strength3.0 N/mm² = 3000 KN/m²
Material100% recycled plastic

Delivery Unit

Pallet with 140 units
Dimensions 1200 x 800 mm
Weight 588 kg
Units/truckload 4620 units

Changes to the dimensions of approx. ± 0.5 % for every 10° Celsius and every meter of length may occur with our products. Color fluctuations may also occur.